Online Vibration Monitoring

  • State-of-the art IOT technology​
  • World class reliability engineering algorithms​
  • Simple alarms with easy to follow recommendations ​
  • Gain foresight to plan ahead

What is Online Vibration Monitoring?

Online Vibration Monitoring is a type of condition monitoring whereby a small sensor (monitoring device) is installed to machinery to detect new changes, highlighting potential wearing of parts through early detection.

Machine vibration and temperature data is collected using state of the art IoT digital technology and trended in real-time. It is automatically analysed using artificial intelligence and displayed on the ERIKS Smart Asset Management platform; giving you full access to the captured data, the current and historical condition, maintenance history and identified maintainable items, contributing to overall asset management.

The Online Vibration Monitoring service from ERIKS combines our deep knowledge of rotating equipment, condition monitoring and sensor technology to provide insights into the current and likely future condition of an asset to enable optimal maintenance planning, preventing breakdown and unplanned downtime.

ERIKS Online Vibration Monitoring offer

Including the Online Vibration Monitoring service as a part of your maintenance strategy ensures you have remote visibility of the health of your equipment 24/7, gaining an insight into how your processes effect machine condition and helping identify key factors such as what maintenance activity is required, how soon an intervention needs to be made and how well an intervention has been completed.

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ERIKS install your Online Vibration Monitoring systems on agreed assets

  • Installation and commissioning of the hardware on agreed assets.
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Reporting measurables and alerts are set-up

  • Access to the ERIKS Smart Asset Management platform
  • Creation of digital record and alarm threshold setup
  • Automatic diagnosis and maintenance recommendations.
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Receive suggested daily updates and recommendations so you can plan and schedule maintenance​

  • Daily email notifications on the condition of each asset
  • Monthly calls and technical support from the ERIKS Remote Monitoring Centre
  • Additional service add-ons.


Motors, Pumps, Gearboxes, Fans, and Conveyors. Furthermore, with over 100 years of experience in equipment servicing we have the Know-How to assist with on-site downtime prevention activities.


Savings from ERIKS Online Monitoring

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Electrical Manufacturing/Semicon

In the case of one Network Solutions Provider, interruption of their production process would lead to scrapping an entire production run and starting again from step one...

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Water & Utilities

In the case of one large water treatment works, a set of problematic low lift pumps were causing costs to rise, production to halt, and local environment agencies to intervene...

Series 3 : Trending and Predictive Icon

Construction/Insulation Manufacturing

With the complexity of today’s machinery, the importance of having foresight into the condition of your assets is more important than ever - investing in ERIKS Digital Reliability Services...

Online Vibration Monitoring

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