Creating Value Through Supply Chain Management

Great supply management combined with technical know-how can bring benefits to your business far beyond those in the storeroom. Our experienced teams will help you uncover operational improvements in your supply chain and show you how to leverage those changes to deliver real cost savings and enhanced productivity.

Considering outsourcing your store’s management... Why wouldn’t you?

Maximizing the performance of your engineering stores is not your businesses’ focus. Achieving or maintaining world class manufacturing performance is your focus and this is where ERIKS’ OnSite business and yours intersect.

ERIKS’ OnSite offer is simple, our specialist team take responsibility for MRO procurement, inventory control and even full engineering stores management and, as the name suggests, we do this while being based on your site. We remove the headaches and the headcount. You outsource the problems while getting more control, data, insight and improved pricing and performance.

Do these problems sound familiar?

  • Are your engineers spending time sourcing and finding the parts they want?
  • Are you wasting money through poor stock management?
  • Does your purchasing team spend too much time on the MRO products?


You can save up to 20% of your current spend and positively impact the productivity and efficiency of your business with ERIKS OnSite.


Scaleable Solutions


Are your stores keeping you awake at night?

Use ERIKS OnSite supply chain and inventory knowhow to release time and capital caught up in your indirect or maintenance, repair and operations


What is ERIKS OnSite supply chain and stores management

The OnSite solution helps businesses improve their Maintenance, Repair and Operational (MRO) supply chain management


Helping your engineering stores to run efficiently saving time & money.

We thoroughly review everything from the way your stores are laid out through to the quality of the data you use to run them


We can help realise major efficiencies and cost savings.

Working with our customers to integrate the latest MRO methods, processes and technology benefits into their maintenance supply chain and procurement functions

Discover the Impact of a Sub-Optimal Maintenance Stores


7 frightening figures you can't afford to ignore, that show where you may be wasting time and money across your site.



7 things we know you hate about your job, that only help to make it harder. And better still, how to get rid of them.



These 5 small things can make a big difference, and save up to 18% of your total MRO spend.


Unlock the Full Potential of Your MRO Supply Chain (Sector Report)

The results are in!

We have now completed the 3rd Maintenance, repair and operations supply chain survey and the results are in.

Unlock new Insights from ERIKS & the IET using this research to identify problem areas to transform your MRO supply chain with the actionable insights provided in our report. Download your copy today and join the ranks of industry leaders dedicated to excellence and innovation.

Get your copy of the report by filling in the form today.

5 Ways to Improve your Site

Simple steps towards more effective stock and storeroom management

What happens in stores doesn’t stay in stores. Sooner or later, the lack of investment in your stores will have a major effect on the efficiency, productivity and – ultimately – profitability, of your wider business.

And meanwhile, small, daily inefficiencies are continually reducing productivity and preventing your business from realising its full potential.


Use our Presentation template to share cost savings to your team

Facts at your fingertips...

As a multi product specialist, ERIKS engineering and technical specialists can support you by identifying improvements and cost savings that will not only increase productivity but also reliability at the lowest total cost of ownership.

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Facts at Your Fingertips

  • 13 minutes is wasted searching for replacement parts
  • 50% of all MRO spend on carriage is avoidable
  • 10% of store costs are tied up in obsolete items
  • 15% of downtime is caused by lack of spare parts
  • Up to 50% of an engineer's time is wasted on non-core activities


An optimised store should not only maximise efficiency but become a profit centre in its own right

Improve efficiency through Best Practice outsourcing, to ultimately realise more profit.

Simple steps towards more effective stock and storeroom management

Integrated & onsite

When regular pump repairs become a serious threat to productivity, you could consider ERIKS’ Onsite as a solution to guarantee a low total cost of ownership.

ERIKS in Action

Saving you time and money, each and every day




Whilst undergoing a warehouse move, our customer wanted to us to relocate and install a new ERP system. Find out how we achieved this and designed and carried out training for the customer on the new ERP and 5s.


A large food manufacturer found their current inventory management solution to be causing long walk and wait times for their engineers. They decided to move towards vendor-managed inventory to eliminate the issues...


When your existing stock system is located over multiple areas of the site with missing or innaccurate trigger cards, it is time to investigate other inventory management solutions to improve efficiency...


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Indirect Supply Chain Management

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