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Keeping your assets operational and your schedules on track involves routine maintenance, inspections, planned and unplanned interventions. Our maintenance and site services teams offer you the kind of choices and confidence that others can’t.

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Bearings, Lubrication, Fitting Tools and Condition Monitoring


From condition monitoring to replacement and re-lubrication of bearings, installation and sealing arrangements are all areas our technical teams can undertake for you, either to a planned schedule or in an emergency.


Lubrication contracts are also undertaken as we take on responsibility for some or all of your lubrication schedules. 


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Belt and Chain Drives, Couplings, Gearboxes, Motors and Inverters


Covering inspection and correction for wear, damage and alignment right through to scheduled strip and refurbish, the responsibility for complex world of drives, controls and comms (both electrical and mechanical) can be shared with our in-house technical experts.


The range of solutions includes service exchange, lease hire or labour only, and is undertake by time served technicians and maintenance engineers with an eye on spotting opportunities for improvements in reliability and productivity.


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Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Filtration and Industrial Hose

We support customers with a range of hose management services to ensure you comply with HSE requirements and achieve your productivity goals across all product areas.


For hydraulic systems we offer system monitoring and troubleshooting along with refurbishment of component parts.


For your filtration systems we can check and manage filter replacement and replacement parts stocks.




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Industrial Seals and Gaskets


Minimising contamination risk from leaking seals and gaskets can cost a fortune in fines and corrective actions, our experts can help you specify and install sealing arrangements that last.


We can also train your teams in correct selection and installation of the latest generation sealing solutions.


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Valves, Actuation and Pumps


Often at the heart of many production processes and also hidden away in plant rooms, these key components benefit from regular inspection, testing and routine maintenance but are often overlooked until they fail.


Gain insight with our inspection and testing services supported by replacement and refurbishment services either on your site or at our local engineering workshop.


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Safety, Tools, Consumables and 
Industrial Electrical


Covering everything from tool management systems to PPE dispensing and supply chain, hygiene and maintenance consumables stock management, our teams can introduce control and planning to smooth supply issues.


Our Services, What and Where

See our product and service matrix to understand how ERIKS can improve service life, operational efficiency and cost of ownership across all our product range.

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ERIKS - The Safe Choice

Allowing a partner to work on site, and to work on your critical assets, is not a decision to take lightly. That’s why it’s important to choose a maintenance and repair partner you can trust.

Safety is integral to ERIKS, both at our own facilities and when working on customers’ sites.

All of our site engineers have certificates of competency and are fully trained and insured. They work to HSEQ Compliant Safe Systems of Work, and their certifications include CCNSG national safety passport standards (with food module).

All our supervisors are Leading A Team Safely (LATS) trained, and all our managers are trained to IOSH Managing Safely standards as a minimum.

We work to Prince 2 Foundation Project Management principles, and carry out risk assessments and method statements for all work activities.

But what makes a good partnership and what delivers a successful solution is not just about certificates and training. It’s also about experience, expertise and know-how. And those are things which all ERIKS staff have plenty of.

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Creating a ZERO ACCIDENT workplace to ensure everyone returns home safely

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A waste water company undertook a site survey which highlighted a number of failures affecting current output. Thanks to the site survey counter measures could be put in place...


One customer regularly undertakes inspection of stock items to assess if they're still fit for purpose. ERIKS sends specialists to support in this task and use their expertise to identify issues...


A large food manufacturer required an overhaul of their blower units but only had a two day shut down period planned. This meant there was not enough time to take the item off site...


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