SKF Food Line Bearings

SKF have developed a complete range of hygienic and high performance bearing unit solutions for the most demanding Food and Beverage and clean environments (of course, including pharmaceutical).

It's time to reduce the risks to food safety...

With food recalls on the rise and safety regulatiuons becoming stricter across the globe, proactive food safety programs have become the norm.

As a result, SKF have introduced their new range of Food Line ball bearing units which promises to deliver:

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Reduced risks to safety



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Increased performance and uptime



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Reduced maintenance and related costs



Foster a sustainable culture



Introducing the innovative Food Line ball bearing units from SKF

Specially developed to eliminate the spread of bacteria, they provide a solution to many food safety issues. 

Lubricated for life designed to withstand frequent washdowns, the new bearing units also solve many of the problems connected with traditional maintenance. 

Surpassing all expectations

Since it's prelaunch release these units have been in high demand, with nothing currently available on the market even coming close to what has been achieved in this product.

Featuring a sleek outer body, unique blue coloring and a variety of housings to suit all applications and being environmentally friendly with 59% pf the product recyclable, the benefits keep adding up.

Moreover, the Y Line units commonly known within the business are used in a variety of applications, and this new design features additional benefits over traditional units, such as: 

  • Innovative design with both open and closed design for hygiene units
  • Unique gutter sealing arrangement
  • Optical detectability in case of accidental contamination
  • Choice of stainless steel or zinc coated insert bearings,
  • Pre-lubricated with NSF H1, Halal & Kosher certified allergen free grease
  • Relubrication free


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ERIKS in Action

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Case Study: SKF Food Line Passes it's Trial

A food and beverage manufacturer undertook a 6-month trial of SKF's Food Line Y bearings and found the results to be more than satisfactory!


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