Effective lubrication does so much more than simply keep your machinery running.

Truly effective lubrication has the capability to actually reduce your overall operating costs, boost your productivity, ensure product safety and hygiene and reduce your environmental impact.

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We specialise in helping our customers implement operator driven lubrication programmes. 

We have the experience and proven track record to combine and tailor these elements to  overcome your specific challenges and project manage a full implementation programme

The programme covers the following aspects:

Full site survey and documentation complete with lubrication specification and scheduling. We also provide full operator training, line-side colour-coded lubrication boards, whilst ensuring conformity to legislation and health/safety requirements, backed up with condition monitoring solutions to ensure we meet your management KPI’s.


Ensuring safe, compliant and convenient storage for your lubricants is as important as selecting the lubricants themselves.

It’s essential to have robust storage, clear labelling and maintained container management so that when you need your lubricants you get the product you want in the optimum condition.

Lubricant storage also needs to take into account HSE legislation including safety data sheet storage and bunding for spills.


We are a leading supplier of Condition Monitoring equipment, training and services including full onsite data capture, analysis, trending and reporting.

We can help develop your lubrication regime, taking the first steps towards creating an integrated operator driven, condition based maintenance programme. Additionally we are an SKF Certified Maintenance Partner (CMP) and as such we have developed a software suite for lubrication management including trending and usage data.

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Lubrication highlights

Available to buy or order today:

OKS 671 
High performance chain spray

  • High lubrication effect due to optimum product formula
  • Good creep properties, thus easy penetration even in narrow, hard-to-reach lubricating points
  • Good lubricating and pressure absorption capacity
  • Excellent corrosion protection


OKS 661
Rust dissolver and remover

  • Chemical reaction – actively breaks down or dissolves rust layer
  • Environmentally friendly formula – ecologically harmless in use
  • Does not contain petrol or mineral oil – workplace-friendly
  • Low evaporation rate – enhanced effect through longer exposure time

OKS 371 
Food grade maintenance 

  • NSF H1 registered
  • Highly effective due to good creep properties
  • Broad range of uses
  • Displaces water


OKS 1110
Food safe silicone grease

  • NSF H1 registered
  • Highly effective due to excellent adhesion on all materials
  • Neutral behaviour with regard to plastics and elastomers
  • EPDM-compatible
  • Resistant to cold and hot water, as well as acetone, ethanol, ethylene glycol, glycerine and methanol
  • MOSH/MOAH-free



OKS 2611 
High performance universal cleaner

  • Modern active cleaner on the basis of a solvent mixture
  • Highly effective due to actively cleaning substances
  • Better initial dissolving of soiling thanks for longer soaking-in period
  • No formation of condensation on the material surface
  • OKS 2610 is suitable for use with the OKS Airspray system

OKS 601
Multi oil spray

  • Broad range of uses (6-fold action)
  • Highly effective due to very good creep properties
  • Also infiltrates strong oil and greasy soiling
  • Good lubricating properties thanks to high oil percentage
  • Displaces moisture


Leak Detector Spray

  • Suitable for use with most positive pressure gas systems
  • For use on pipework carrying natural gas and LPG
  • Safe for use with refrigerant gases
  • Non Corrosive
  • Low Chlorine content
  • 360 degree angle for use in difficult to reach areas




OKS 3711
Low-Temperature Oil for Food Processing Technology, Spray

  • Suitable for use with most positive pressure gas systems
  • For use on pipework carrying natural gas and LPG
  • Safe for use with refrigerant gases
  • Non Corrosive
  • Low Chlorine content
  • 360 degree angle for use in difficult to reach areas


OKS 3751
Adhesive Lubricant with PTFE, Spray

  • For lubricating machine elements under high loads (also under water influence)
  • The optimal additives allow good resistance to oxidation and ageing for long operating and durability
  • Resistant to cold and hot water, steam and alkaline and acidic disinfectants and cleaning agents


OKS 481
Waterproof High-Pressure Grease for Food Processing Technology

  • Fully synthetic calcium sulphonates complex grease
  • Perfect for high loads and pressures at applications in the complete food processing technology
  • Rolling and friction bearing lubrication, even at high temperatures
  • Excellent wear protection and very good high-pressure properties
  • Very high resistance to water-alkaline or acidic disinfectants and cleaning agents



Simalube Automatic Lubricators

  • Simalube is a gas powered single-point automatic lubricator filled with 30, 60, 125 or 250 ml of grease or oil
  • The patented hydrogen producing dry cell drives a piston to dispense lubricant at a consistent rate of between 1 and 12 months, which is adjustable in operation
  • Gas production is initiated by turning the adjustment disk on the top with a hex key.

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Mobil Gear Oils

MOBIL SHC Gear Series 150/220/320/460


  • Superb protection from micropitting fatigue wear as well as high resistance to traditional scuffing wear
  • Excellent resistance to degradation at high temperatures
  • Low traction
  • High viscosity index equating to reduced viscosity change with temperature
  • Excellent resistance to rust and corrosion and very good demulsibility
  • Excellent compatibility with common gearbox materials and with mineral-based gear oils

Advantages and Potential Benefits:

  • Helps extend gear and bearing life in enclosed gear drives operating under extreme conditions of load, speed and temperature
  • Helps reduce unplanned downtime; less maintenance - especially critical for difficult-to-access gearboxes
  • Helps extend oil life and drain intervals and reduce oil consumption, which can lower maintenance costs
  • Helps reduce energy consumption and lower operating temperatures
  • Ability to operate at both high and low temperatures: especially critical in remote applications with no oil cooling or heating
  • Helps extend gear and bearing life
  • Fewer filter changes; which can help reduce maintenance costs
  • Less contamination and lower potential for oil leakage
  • Easy changeover from many mineral products



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It's time to reach the unreachable with WD-40 Flexible!

Introducing new WD-40 Flexible, with a super bendy, flexible metal straw that can be shaped to cope with every angle, corner, unseen target and difficult-to-reach area you can imagine.

Whilst the Smart Straw allows users to target very specific areas, WD-40's new metal flexible straw gives you an even more convenient delivery system, holding whatever shape it is bent into to allow application in incredibly tight, intricate spaces such as around pipework and behind panels.


More information also available in a handy problem solver!

Reduce Costs and Improve Safety with Simalube Automatic Lubricators


The introduction of a simlaube fully automated lubrication system greatly extends the service life of components such as bearings, chains, gearboxes, conveyors and other mechanical components.

When comparing traditional manual lubrication (grease gun) with an automatic lubrication system the savings can be substantial. For example, a production site which changes from manual to automatic lubrication on just 50 grease points can save up to £7,000 a year. A fully automated site with approx 500 grease points can save up to £70,000 a year!


When installed, workers spend much less time in danger zones where lubrication point are difficult to access, have less exposure to noise, dust and the danger of rotating machine parts, resulting in increased workplace safety.

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Research has suggested that lubrication related issues have risen by a staggering 18% in the last five years. But these inconvenient problems can be easily eliminated by selecting the right lubrication application.


When your current supply of lubricators becomes difficult to source and prices hike, you may feel you are over a barrel. One customer who was feeling the strain approached ERIKS to see if we could source a reasonably priced equivalent...


A customer was reviewing the volume and the costs involved in the purchase and disposal of aerosols used onsite. ERIKS recommended a practical, cost effective and ecological solution for their aerosols...


A customer was experiencing issues with lack of regular lubrication of their conveyor bearings and motors. ERIKS recommended Simalube Automatic Greasing which ensured correct running and supported maintenance... 

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