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ERIKS Know-How, engineering experience and product variety gives you a complete range of choices to put you in control of the decision.

How we make industry work better

Any motor, gearbox or pump is only part of the bigger picture. And that bigger picture is production, productivity – and profit. So, we don’t focus only on making your assets work. We take a wider view to make them, and industry, work better. Here’s how.

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Quality guaranteed

Our engineering skill and know-how ensure every repair is completed to the highest quality.

We test every single repair at predefined stages in the process to be certain its right in every aspect, every time! You can even come and witness testing as part of your quality procedures!

Wherever possible, we repair back to ‘as new’ and in many cases, to even better than new.

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Repaired the right way

With ERIKS it doesn’t matter where you need your repair.
Nationwide network staffed by time-served engineers:

  • Trained to industry standards
  • Accredited and authorised by leading manufacturers
  • Fully versed in health and safety
  • Working to the same structured and proven ERIKS procedures, across all our sites
  • And our ongoing apprenticeship programme ensures that ERIKS quality and service is secured for you for the future.
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Service your way

You'll receive back a tested and approved unit

Although all work undertaken by ERIKS is completed to the highest standards, we will undertake extensive testing to ensure the repair or replacement is capable of meeting the application requirements. Furthermore, all projects are compliant to the latest regulatory standards so you can be assured the solution is of the highest quality whichever option you've chosen.

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Prepare to Repair

The only thing worse than a failed asset is an unexpected failed asset.

ERIKS VibraConnect remote asset monitoring gives you insight into the condition of your assets, so you can have the foresight to resolve issues when it suits you, with minimum disruption and minimum downtime.


Support for your critical assets is a vital part of their operational life, ensuring continuous productivity and efficiency whilst minimising downtime.

When a machine is no longer working at its optimum, or has even broken down, ERIKS can offer a number of repair options.

Once you've decided, we can undertake the work in our facilities, at your site or just keep it working until the next shutdown.


All assets reach the end of their productive life - the key is knowing what needs to be replaced and when.

ERIKS offers impartial advice to help customers make informed choices for their business, which can range from simple selection support to a full replacement, even for an OEM part.

We can also build you a sub-assembly; customise parts for your application; through to the design and build of turnkey solutions with seamless integration into existing assets. 


Vibration Analysis

ERIKS helps customers identify improvements and upgrades which can reduce running costs and improve productivity.

Upgrading to new technologies can improve a site's operations and profit performance, often with excellent return on investment and short payback periods.

ERIKS' technical teams are adept at identifying areas for improvement, which can deliver real cost and performance benefits that form part of ERIKS £2m monthly target for cost savings implemented for our customers.

How can we help?

What else can you expect from ERIKS?

Dedicated Workshops Nationwide


ERIKS offers all the products, all the service and all the support  – all over the country.


Providing additional specific engineering capabilities, for our core range of repairs including motors, pumps and gearboxes.

In addition our specialist engineering service centres include HV motors repairs, coils, commutators valve repairs etc., and are supported by specialist application engineers.

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One customer was replacing their linear slide units on a regular basis at a significant cost, but ERIKS presented impartial options to offer a cost effective solution…


A radiator manufacturer was spending a significant amount of money to send their pistons away for repair, by assessing their options a significant saving could be found…


A major food and beverage customer needed a significant repair completed in a tight time-frame, if ERIKS hadn’t been able to meet the turnaround production would have been affected…


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We strive to deliver exceptional quality service and products. As part of this goal, we encourage customers to submit feedback on their experiences so we can resolve any issues and concerns.

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At ERIKS we strive to deliver the best quality service and products. As part of this goal we encourage customers to submit feedback on their experiences so we can resolve any issues and concerns.

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