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If products are all that’s available from a supplier, then your choices are limited. But when those products are supported for life, with a range of performance and life-enhancing services, you have more choice for more cost-effective solutions, throughout the products’ entire lifecycle.

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A product's performance shouldn’t just be measured by its price tag.

Life cost is key particularly if you spend much more on maintenance, repairs or frequent replacements.

We pride ourselves on providing reliable, sustainable solutions that offer energy-efficient operation for a longer more cost effective life.

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Our comprehensive understanding of the products and solutions we provide ensure you enjoy the optimum performance, greatest value and lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Our industry and application experience coupled with our engineering know-how enables us to identify, prevent, solve or mitigate your maintenance issues, from initial design, build, upgrade and customisation through to complete installation and commissioning and this is only the start.

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Monitoring and maintaining your equipment ensures a longer life and lower operating costs.

When we find a potential problem we don't just fix it. Our choice of support services, including Predictive, Preventative and OnSite Maintenance means that if and when a potential problem is identified — we can fix the root-cause too — which helps extend the product lifecycle and decrease your Total Cost of Ownership, doing this helps us deliver £2 million worth of savings for our customers each and every month. 


Combine these services and you will have a product which delivers optimum performance for a lifetime and is guaranteed to save you time and money each and every day.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Operating in tandem with ERIKS technical services, and alongside your own engineering team, our Site Services work to your specifications and schedules, to undertake a wide variety of engineering and maintenance tasks. These include consultation, servicing, inspection, testing, certification, repairs, lubrication, hydraulic hose replacement and condition monitoring.



Gain insight and foresight as we watch over all your key assets, learn how they’re operating, and we'll propose solutions to resolve any issues identified.


Whether its scheduled or urgent, our teams and resources are on hand to get the job done, either on your site or on ours.


We see every dip in performance as a potential improvement opportunity. So instead of a “take it or leave it” solution, we'll offer you an impartial choice of new and repair options which best satisfies your objectives.


Our scaleable approach to Asset Management allows you to start small adding functionality as it's required and at a pace that suits your budget, all the time improving productivity and reliability of your production plant.

Our Services, What and Where

See our product and service matrix below, to understand how ERIKS can improve service life, operational efficiency and cost of ownership across all our product range.

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Don't Turn a Blind Eye to Risk

When undertaking a thermographic survey at a customer site one of our technicians offered to turn the camera on the power lines. What was discovered could have had devastating impact on the customer, thankfully the problem was discovered in time...


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