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80 Years Looking Forward

In the past eight decades since ERIKS began, we've grown in every possible way. We've crossed borders, designed, innovated, expanded, digitized. And although we look back with pride, we are more focussed on the future and the new challenges to come. 

Take a look at where we came from and where we are heading.

ERIKS Ireland are a multi-product specialist providing an extensive range of engineering MRO products and technical services to all industries to help minimise total cost of ownership.

ERIKS Ireland offers an extensive range of capabilities, from a wide product portfolio, comprehensive engineering services right through to supply solutions. Discover why our customers choose to work with us by selecting one of the categories below:

Adopting a multi-brand approach, coupled with our extensive industry know-how and product-specific knowledge guarantees that when you work with ERIKS, you will always get what you need, when you need it most.

But we don’t just push boxes! Our experienced and technical engineers have the capabilities to install and commission any component that we supply, no matter if it’s a standard or bespoke part.

Renowned for our unrivalled engineering expertise, we give you choices that other service suppliers can’t. If you need a repair, a replacement or an upgrade, we have what you need. 

But we don’t just fix your problem, we have the capabilities to offer predictive and preventative maintenance packages utilising our comprehensive Asset Management and Condition Monitoring services, as we understand, more than most, that maintaining your equipment will increase lifecycles and reduce your Total Cost of Ownership.

Our focus is simple, to supply solutions that deliver results and seamlessly integrate with your operations. 

From our newly developed and intuitive Webshop for your product purchases, through to fully integrating your supply chain with our best in case MRO supply chain professionals – we always do what’s best for you!


Creating Value Through Supply Chain Management

Great supply management combined with technical know-how can bring benefits to your business far beyond those in the storeroom. 

Our experienced teams can help you uncover operational improvements in your supply chain and show you how to leverage those changes to deliver real cost savings and enhanced productivity.

We offer scaleable supply chain solution to meet your exacting needs.


Take a look at our research paper that looks at the impact a poorly performing storeroom can have on efficiency and productivity.

We Want You To Return To Work Safely

Recent times have been challenging to say the least, but there is light at the end of the tunnel as we begin to gradually return to work following the Government imposed lockdown.

For your safety, and that of your colleagues, family and friends, we have hand-selected an extensive range of critical products, designed with health and safety at the core, ensuring a smooth and safe transition back into the workplace.

ERIKS in Action

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We Make Medicine Supply More Consistent

ERIKS know-how and expertise potentially averted substantial loss of production at one pharma company, which is critical to the health and wellbeing of ill people, but we have arguably saved lives in the process.


Is the Manufacturing Supply Chain Broken?

Download our latest whitepaper today

The Covid-19 pandemic has without doubt had a dramatic impact on UK manufacturing, exposing the fragility of our supply chain model. But although we have been faced with a fresh set of challenges, for years, our linear approach has left us open to temporary disruptions through political instability, cyber and terror attacks and even extremes of weather.

Our latest whitepaper assesses the dangers to our supply chains and outlines methods that business must consider if we are to alleviate risk and maintain strong business continuity. 


Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

ERIKS UK & Ireland are monitoring the situation surrounding the global Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, we would like to reaffirm our commitment to delivering support in such strained and uncertain times. We understand the importance of the products and services we provide, and following advice from the World Health Organisation and UK and Irish Governments, we have implemented changes to ensure we will continue to support UK and Irish industry at this current time and for the future.  Click below to read more about the changes we are making.

Online Vibration Monitoring

Online Vibration Monitoring

Why use Online Vibration Monitoring as a service?

Including ERIKS Online Vibration Monitoring as part of your maintenance strategy ensures you have remote visibility of the health of your equipment 24/7, gaining an insight into how your processes effect machine condition and helping identify key factors such as what maintenance activity is required, how soon an intervention needs to be made and how well an intervention has been completed.

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