Posted at 28 January 2020

Safety first with Ambersil Bioweld

Paul Skade
By Gareth Pollard
Product Manager, Bearings

I started work at ERIKS UK in March 2001 after being on a temporary contract at Ball Packaging Europe. 

My life at ERIKS began as a Junior Inside Sale...

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The recent reclassification of mild steel/steel weld fumes by the HSEi has highlighted the risks associated with welding fumes, placing added responsibility on employers to provide adequate local exhaust ventilation (LEV).


Unlike traditional solvent-based anti-spatters that use Methylene Chlorine or Dichcloromethane, which is classified under GHP/CLP as "H351: Suspected of causing cancer" and "Carcinogenicity, category 2," Bioweld from Ambersil is an advanced water-based anti-spatter that protects your equipment and workpiece with the high level of performance of previous products, but without any of the associated health hazards.

Ideal for various industries such as automotive, construction and agriculture, Bioweld is completely odourless, non-flammable and has a white Safety Data Sheet (SDS), meaning there are no hazard symbols, reducing operator risk significantly.

The fine spray pattern ensures total control and economical coverage, and it doesn't interfere with post-weld painting, plating or coating thanks to its unique formula.

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