Paper and Printing Problem Solvers

Quick Wins for the Paper and Printing Industries

From threadlocking to an insulated bearing we have a number of little solutions which deliver large benefits including reduced downtime, increased production, improved health and safety amongst a number of other efficiencies. 

Take a look at the problems below, if any of them sound familiar you're one click away from the solution! 

wd40 eriks problem solver

Maximise Efficiencies in Your Washroom

Research reveals that unsuitable soaps can cause skin health issues for employees and unnecessary costs for business.

loctite threadlock

Constant Vibration in the Printing Process can Loosen Threaded Joints

Constant vibration throughout the printing process is unavoidable and if threaded joints are loosened the whole operation could be compromised leading to downtime. Loctite products can offer a reliable solution.

oks anti-seize products

Maintenance Hampered by Seized-Up Components

Downtime, even scheduled, needs to be kept to a minimum in paper and printing environments. Quick disassembly can be hampered by seized parts. Thankfully OKS has a range of products to speed the process up.

Skf insulated bearing

Electrical Currents from Variable Frequency Converters Could Cause Bearing Failure

Stray electrical currents from equipment could be a surprising cause of bearing failure leading to downtime and high maintenance costs. Sophisticated bearings from SKF can stop this type of failure in its tracks.


Deb Mobile Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygiene for Mobile Workers

Keeping hands clean and protected when access to washrooms, skin care products and running water is restricted can be challenging. Yet maintaining workers' hand hygiene and skin health is vital. To support health and safety efforts for all workers, Deb have created a mobile solution for those workers constantly on the go.


Water Ingress Causes Major Problems to Electrical Equipment

Water is used in a variety of environments, it could be part of the manufacturing process itself right through to the cleaning procedures. Trouble is, water and electrical equipment should never meet but navigating this can seem impossible. If you need a drive to be fitted close then WEG has the answer for you...

Festo MS6 Air Preparation

Paper Being Wasted, Ink Smudging and Sooner Than Expected Maintenance

A printing company found the sheets in their printing station, placed by compressed were being wasted. In addition, during the printing process, the ink would smudge and not adhere properly to the paper. Finally, cylinders and valves were being replaced much more regularly than expected. But these costs could be avoided with a solution from Festo...

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