General Engineering Problem Solvers

Quick Wins for the General Engineering Industries

From a manual torque multiplier to a pneumatic cylinder we have a number of little solutions which deliver large benefits including reduced downtime, increased production, improved health and safety amongst a number of other efficiencies. 

Take a look at the problems below, if any of them sound familiar you're one click away from the solution! 

DEB Power Foam wd40

Choosing the Right Zinc Spray for the Job

Control corrosion by stopping rust before it starts with Ambersil corrosion prevention sprays.

piab kenos khvg product grippers

Get to Grips with Plastic Mould Removal

Simply ejecting parts from moulding machines can cause numerous issues, including contamination, part damage, part loss and increased costs. Check out Piab's latest end-of-arm-tooling solution.


DEB Power Foam wd40

Maximise Efficiencies in Your Washroom

Research reveals that unsuitable soaps can cause skin health issues for employees and unnecessary costs for business.

piab kenos khvg product grippers

Lift Heavy Products with Rough Surfaces in Dusty Work Environments

There are many awkward lifting applications in various industries which not only present health and safety issues but are also time consuming and costly to resolve. But now ERIKS can provide you with an all in one solution.

NSK Authorised Distributor

Don't Get Caught Out by Fake Bearings With the Help of NSK

Over the past 10 years, custom seizures of counterfeit bearing products have grown exponentially around the globe. It is also no longer limited to high volume production of small bearings but larger bore bearings as well.


WD40 Flexible hose Water Displacement

Eliminate Waste by Lubricating with Greater Precision

There are countless routine jobs in a number of professions that can quickly become awkward, time-consuming, frustrating and messy, costing you precious time, resource and money. But now ERIKS can provide you with an all-in-one solution.

IMI Norgren Compressed Air Systems

Reduce Your Air Consumption with IMI Norgren

In some compressed air installations, very limited pressure control is employed within the system. This almost certainly results in too much air consumption and causes wastage in terms of energy and costs.

Maximising Safety and Efficiency, While Minimising Disruption

When it comes to choosing the best inspection provider for your business, understanding what you need from them and what they’re able to provide can have a big impact on your decision.


SMC Manual Safety Valve

Maximise Efficiencies in your Washroom

Reduce the shock loading at start up with WEG soft starters and improve the lifespan of your belts and motor, reducing unplanned stoppages.

Weg SSW900  SoftStarter

Staying Depressurized Until Maintenance is Complete

A large manufacturing company needed to ensure his factory machinery was depressurized and could not be started up again prior to the completion of maintenance or repair work. A little safety manual valve from SMC could ensure the machine safety...

Dormer A002 Drill self centering

Drills Not Centering and Wandering Across the Workpiece?

One manufacturer was experiencing this exact issue, causing scorning, delays and often scrappage. They couldn't allow this problem to continue as the costs to time, money and producion were mounting up. Dormer-Pramet had the answer...


Kimberly Clark Clean Up Cloths

Significantly Reduce Disposal Costs of Rags

The costs of disposing rag bins is costly and can mount up across the year. If you're seeing this impact your bottom line then it's time to consider another solution from Kimberley-Clark which could save you £££'s...

NSK Moulded Oil Bearings

Bearing Failures Causing Downtime on a Concrete Pipe-Slotting Machine

For one customer, everytime the bearing failed on the blade support of a concrete pipe-slotting machine they would experience 8 hours of downtime. This was happening more often than they would like and turned to NSK for a solution.

IMI Norgren Excelon Air Filters

Compressed Air is an Expensive Resource - Can you Afford to Waste it?

Compressed air in some instances can be up to 10 times more expensive than electricity when you take into account all the generation, transmission, treatment and system costs. It's essential that your compressed air system is as cost-effective and well-treated as it can be...

Piab Vacuum Grippers

Vacuum Gripping Heads for Specific Applications Can Be Difficult to Specify

Vacuum Gripping Heads for specific applications can be difficult to specify, time consuming to design, trial and then manufacture. Piab’s advanced 3D printed Customizable Gripping Solutions will simplify the process.

Loctite 574

Effectively Seal Gaskets Even Under Vibration

LOCTITE 574 Liquid Gasket Sealant and LOCTITE SI 5900 Gasket Sealant has the ability to make any size or shape gasket, the compressor was effectively and reliably sealed under vibration.

Fenner Quattro Plus CRE Belt

Belts Melting on Dryer Fans? Consider a Better Suited Belt

Due to dryer fans operating at temperatures of over 95°C, an engineering company was facing significant maintenance and downtime caused by the belts on a dryer fan melting each week. ERIKS suggested the new Fenner® Quattro PLUS CRE belt.

loctite 518 pen

Loctite 518 Pen Liquid Gasket Ensures Less Mess and Waste

Liquid gaskets have many advantages, with a guaranteed 100% seal by filling all surface irregularities – even minor scrapes, scratches and slight imperfections can be filled. Designed for easier application, LOCTITE 518 rolling pen ensures less mess, less waste and no additional tools.

Fenner Ultra Plus CRE Belt

Old and Inefficient Pulleys? Consider a New Effective Solution

ERIKS were contacted to undertake a feasibility study on a set of Air Handling Units (AHUs). The incumbent drives were old and inefficient and the pulleys hadn’t been changed for over ten years. Fenner had the perfect belt resulting in a cost-effective and reliable solution.

Deb Skin Solutions

Avoiding Occupational Skin Disorders

Sore and inflamed skin can make manual tasks a challenge and Dermatitis is the most common Occupational Skin Disorder. Productivity is down and even worse worker wellbeing is being affected - Deb has the appropriate protection for all workers.


Fenner Laser Alignment

Tight Time Constraints for Belt Alignments

Accurate installation of belts and pulleys can be time consuming but with many manufacturers continuously improving tight time constraints is applied to all processes. Instead of adding the pressure to your engineers a simple tool from Fenner could help belts be tensioned in minutes...

Loctite HY 4070

Reducing Failure on High Temperature Water Inlet Ports

A manufacturer of plastic moulds was experiencing failures on their inlet and outlet tubes on their moulds. A new design which could handle high temperatures needed to be found. Loctite has the answer.

Fenner PowerTwist Belting

Getting Back-Up for Regular Belt Failures

If you experience regular belt failures and carry little or no stock to replace them you may find yourself requiring urgent assistance each time, leading to higher repair costs and unnecessary downtime. By stocking a small amount of emergency belts which can be used in a variety of applications, belt failures don't need to be urgent ever again.  


Presto Cutter

Can You Leave Your Milling Cutter Running Overnight Unmanned?

When machining EN19 castings to a satisfactory finish, you can't trust all cutters to run unmanned over night at a cost effective speed without break or wear. To find a specially designed cutter you can trust look no further than Presto...

Starrett Cutting Tool

Avoid Intermittent Cutting Stripping the Teeth of Band Saw Blades

A fabrication company were experiencing teeth strippage of their band saw blades when cutting tubes, structural beams and other types of intermittent cutting. It's a surprisingly common solution which Starrett has the perfect solution for...

Thorn Warehouse Lighting

High Level Lighting for Busy Warehouses is a Must Have

Getting a lighting solution which provides a good uniform light distribution which is mounted at a high level can be exceptionally difficult. Thorn has a quick and easy LED solution for even the busiest warehouse.

Boron Cutter

Ineffective Tools When Drilling Boron Spot Welding on Cages

When drilling Boron spot welding on cages, the resistance to conventional cutting tools means many drills and cutters are ineffective. Thankfully, Presto have a technically advanced, cost effective drill.

Cutting Lubricants Rocol RTD

Cutting Lubricant Shouldn't Lead to an Unsatisfactory Surface Finish

A precision engineering company found their cutting lubricant was failing under pressure leading to unsatisfactory surface finish, broken taps and reworked/scrap components. They approached Rocol to get a reliable alternative.

Deb Mobile Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygiene for Mobile Workers

Keeping hands clean and protected when access to washrooms, skin care products and running water is restricted can be challenging. Yet maintaining workers' hand hygiene and skin health is vital. To support health and safety efforts for all workers, Deb have created a mobile solution for those workers constantly on the go.


SKF Bearing Lubrication Range

It's Time to Select a New Lubricant if Your Current Solution Degrades Rapidly

Once company was suffering premature bearing failures in their conveyors leading to unplanned downtime. On inspection the bearing lubrication was unsuitable for the conditions and degrading rapidly. They turned to SKF who have the tools to get the right lubrication to the right place at the right time.

Bosch Click and Clean System

Dust in Manufacturing Environments Presents a Health and Safety Risk

RCS (Respirable Crystalline Silica) dust can lead to respiratory diseases such as Silicosis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Lung Cancer. It's a key concern for the HSE and by extension many businesses. Bosch can enable clean work and ensure regulatory compliance.

Bott Storage Solutions

Tools Getting Lost, Not Stored Close to the Relative Production Area Leading to Operators Wasting Time Locating Them?

When you've been at a site for several years and begun to outgrow your premises, or have moved processes around in the process of expansion you may find that your tools are not stored as efficiently you would like. To address this, Bott has storage solutions built to last.

CK Stubby Screwdrivers

Insulated Tools for Electricians Working in Confined Spaces

A significant number of electrical professionals have admitted to using non-insulated stubby screwdrivers despite fully understanding the health and safety risks. This is down to their usual screw drivers not fitting in confined spaces. C.K. Tools are keen for this practice to stop and have developed a range of tools for tiny spaces...

CK Mighty Rods

Stop Routing Cable Snapping and Disconnecting

When routing cable, a 20-30mm gap can be extremely challenging to navigate especially when blindly fishing for cables in cavities. Pushing cable rods across rough surfaces can cause damage, such as snapping, and disconnection. C.K. have developed the most advanced cable rods to combat this issue.

Vibration and Temperature Condition Monitoring SKF Quick Collect

Condition Monitoring Doesn't Need to be a Complicated Dark Art

When you have a large number of bearings which need to be monitored, you may find yourself using very technical equipment, involving a high-level of training. In addition analysing the data and diagnosing problems is extremely time consuming. This all results in high maintenance costs, which could be avoided using a simple but highly effective solution from SKF...


Decentralised Drive Unit WEG MW500

Water Ingress Causes Major Problems to Electrical Equipment

Water is used in a variety of environments, it could be part of the manufacturing process itself right through to the cleaning procedures. Trouble is, water and electrical equipment should never meet but navigating this can seem impossible. If you need a drive to be fitted close then WEG has the answer for you...

Loctite 577

Protection Against Leaks in Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems

Even the smallest of leaks in hydraulic and pneumatic systems can cause appalling damage, so adequate protection against this potential problem is a top priority for fluid manufacturers.

Pump Cut Away

Efficient Maintenance and Repair Can Be Down to the Products Used

Device life can be extended by efficient predictive maintenance and repair and every manufacturer wasn't their equipment to perform. Not many manufacturers have considered that the types of products used for maintenance can have a significant impact, Loctite for example  has a range of products which could really boost your performance...

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