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Quick Wins for Facilities Management

From a flowmeter to a quick fix belt we have a number of little solutions which deliver large benefits including reduced downtime, increased production, improved health and safety amongst a number of other efficiencies. 

Take a look at the problems below, if any of them sound familiar you're one click away from the solution! 

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Hand Hygiene for Mobile Workers

Keeping hands clean and protected when access to washrooms, skin care products and running water is restricted can be challenging. Yet maintaining workers' hand hygiene and skin health is vital. To support health and safety efforts for all workers, Deb have created a mobile solution for those workers constantly on the go.

Avoid Engineers Arriving On Site and Not Have Spare Belts

One facilities management company was experiencing call-out difficulty due to engineers being unable to complete the task due to lack of belts in stock. They stocked the engineers with emergency belts to ensure jobs could be complete while they were waiting for parts.

Retrofit an Upgrade for Boom Hoists

The UK’s biggest dry bulk handling shipping port required an upgrade of its boom hoists to handle up to 200,000 deadweight tonnage a day. Working together with ERIKS, WEG supplied motors & drives for a retrofit solution replacing old DC braking motors with an AC standard W22 IE3 motor with CFW11 variable speed drives.


Supply Problems in the Boiler House

The boiler house at any hospital is integral to daily operations - heat, hot water and steam is important to patients and staff and any disruptions can have far-reaching impacts. Nevertheless, supply disruptions can happen, but monitoring is available

Protecting the Skin of Outdoor Workers

We all know the risks associated with spending time in the sun, often we associate this with holidays and leisure. However, outdoor workers should not be forgotten especially in the peak of summer - proper protection is a must-have health and safety consideration.

Belt Breakdown and No Spare

When a belt breaks down the impact could be significant. Without one, machines grind to a halt and production stops. A quick solution needs to be found to get you back up and running, unfortunately the engineers cannot find a spare and the lead time is at least a week. 

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