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From a manual torque multiplier to a pneumatic cylinder we have a number of little solutions which deliver large benefits including reduced downtime, increased production, improved health and safety amongst a number of other efficiencies. 

Take a look at the problems below, if any of them sound familiar you're one click away from the solution! 


Get to Grips with Plastic Mould Removal

Simply ejecting parts from moulding machines can cause numerous issues, including contamination, part damage, part loss and increased costs. Check out Piab's latest end-of-arm-tooling solution.

Maximise Efficiencies in your Washroom

Research reveals that unsuitable soaps can cause skin health issues for employees and unnecessary costs for business.

Keeping 200 millions Passengers on Track

It goes without saying that the safety of the general public is pivotal in everyday life, therefore public transportation needs to be fully reliable and continuously remain safe for both drivers and passengers.

Hand Hygiene for Mobile Workers

Keeping hands clean and protected when access to washrooms, skin care products and running water is restricted can be challenging. Yet maintaining workers' hand hygiene and skin health is vital. To support health and safety efforts for all workers, Deb have created a mobile solution for those workers constantly on the go..

Setting Torque in Poor Lighting

Working in dimly lit conditions isn't always avoidable for mechanics and it can be a challenge to accurately set torque using standard tools. Thankfully, the eye strain and inaccurate torque settings can be avoided.

Accurate Torque Control for Quality

Improper torque control can lead to quality control issues which in turn result in production delays and rework expenses. This is only exasperated by the risk of work-related injuries when working with high torque outputs. 


Avoid Bearing Damage with Fit-for-Purpose Fitting Kit

Small bore bearings need to be installed using fit-for-purpose tools, otherwise hard to spot damage and stress could occur leading to premature failures. Simatec offers the perfect kit. 

Ineffective Tools When Drilling Boron Spot Welding on Cages

When drilling Boron spot welding on cages, the resistance to conventional cutting tools means many drills and cutters are ineffective. Thankfully, Presto have a technically advanced, cost effective drill.

Dust Presents a Health and Safety Risk for Every Professional Power Tool User

RCS (Respirable Crystalline Silica) dust can lead to respiratory diseases such as Silicosis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Lung Cancer. It's a key concern for the HSE and by extension many businesses. Bosch can enable clean work and ensure regulatory compliance.


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This page is regularly updated with the latest Problem Solvers as new technologies, products and innovations are introduced.


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