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Protect your skin with a skincare regime

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The skin is a truly complex organ. Not just complex, but the largest of the human anatomy. The major defensive layer to your body to the outside world, it boasts multiple functions such as protection, sensation and heat regulation. Understanding its importance is essential, but maintaining its condition is equally important, if not more so. Regular use of hand creams is advised to help protect against damage, which can lead to pain, discomfort and irritation.


But there are several factors that can impede the quality of your skin: Lifestyle, diet, genetics, sun exposure, underlying conditions, occupation, allergies, work and home environments and exposure to contamination.

It’s all about routine

Adopting a skin care regime is one way to help ensure that your skin maintains its strength and condition, with regular washing with soap and water forming the basis. But believe it or not, over washing your hands can irritate the skin and cause dryness.


To help combat dry skin and irritation, Deb, the Skin Care division of SC Johnson Professional, provides a complete range of occupational skin creams. Encompassing Protect Pre-Work creams and Restore After-Work creams, the options cover requirements for different environments, contaminants and skin types.

Your working environment will also have its effects on your skin. For example, if you work in a clean office, the chances are that your skin will be in better condition than that of someone who works in a foundry.

If you operate in a harsh environment with regular exposure to different temperatures, materials and contamination, then your skin is at higher risk. Your skin care regime should be tailored to your particular situation and skin type. Apply appropriate hand creams correctly, both before work and after hand washing to help protect your skin.

In circumstances where skin diseases are posing an issue, we advise on seeking the advice of a professional skin care company, such as Deb, who can help you implement a preventative approach to skincare, that’s suited to you and your workplace.

As the summer approaches, it’s also important to remember to protect your skin from the potentially damaging effects of UV rays, a leading cause of skin cancers. Deb have developed a range of skincare products to help combat this ongoing concern.

When winter comes

The condition of your skin also changes as the seasons change. And you guessed it… the winter months can be challenging times for our skin health.


While a skincare programme is important best practice all year round, the colder, harsher weather can have a significant impact. Prolonged exposure to cooler temperatures leads to drier skin, due to the reduced moisture present in the air. You’ll probably notice that your lips dry out in the cold, and your hands are no different, even if less noticeable.

Are you protected?

Protection creams are designed to be applied before work, to help safeguard against skin damage in certain environments, whether that be working conditions, exposure to contaminants or changes in temperature, by applying an added layer of protection to your skin.

Some creams have even been designed to be worn specifically under gloves. These Pre-Work creams contain ingredients which tighten the skin and reduce the swelling which can often occur when wearing occlusive gloves.

The final stage is restoration. Restore creams are conditioning creams which moisturise, nourish and hydrate to help maintain healthy skin. They are designed to be used after we’ve undertaken our tasks. When used regularly, conditioning creams and/or gels help regenerate the skin’s natural barrier function and reduce risk of skin irritation.

A simple skin care regime to help maintain healthy skin is an important part of your defence against occupational skin conditions. Just remember these three simple steps. Protect. Clean. Restore.

If you would like to discuss your options, please call our insightful MRO & Safety Equipment team on 0121 508 6000 or visit to view our extensive range of Deb products.

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