Posted at 05 February 2021

Costly leaking pipework – a problem no more!

Paul Skade
By Jon Whitehouse
Director, Industrial MRO and Safety

Having started in the Electrical industry in 1995 my early career developed holding a variety of roles from technical support through to business development with...

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Erosion. Corrosion. Cavitation. Abrasion. Chemical Attacks. For a lot of industries, these words are oh-so familiar. But it’s protecting against these problems that’s a whole different matter. Until now!


Unique Polymer Systems (UPS) is a globally recognised supplier of high-performance polymer repair composite materials and specialist protective coatings for equipment, machinery, buildings and structures.

Dedicated to providing unique solutions that cater for the demands of every client in every industry imaginable, UPS’ products are the result of years of experience and knowledge, combined to ensure a remarkable standard of long-term protection through cost-effective solutions that ultimately minimise downtime.


Offering a range of solutions such as fluid flow equipment linings, rubber repair protections for conveyor belt repairs, chemical protection for bunds, tanks and secondary containment and high build concrete repair systems, Unique Polymer Systems are also the proud manufacturers and suppliers of ThistleBond Pipe Repair Kits.

Rapid activation. Rapid protection

Ever been surprised by a leaking pipe? Has one ever stopped production, costing you thousands? Chances are you probably have, but now, thanks to UPS 19601/3/4/5 PR ThistleBond Pipe Repair Bandage, instant protection is only seconds away.

Suitable for all industry types from marine and mining to oil and gas, pulp and paper, and agriculture, Bureau Veritas-approved ThistleBond Pipe Repair kits provide high-performance, ultra-strength, rapid curing properties. This moisture activated kit has been specifically engineered to seal leaking pipework instantly, with very limited surface preparation. In fact, the rapid curing moisture activation kicks in within five seconds. Now that is rapid!

The single-component knitted fibreglass bandage (24-26 stitches per cm2) is impregnated with a unique polyurethane resin – over 52% resin content –and requires no specialist training or tools, adding further to its advantages and ease of use.


Available in convenient kit packs containing everything you need to seal a leaking pipe in minutes, it’s effective on pipes operating at low pressures up to 450psi., designed for repairs up to 500mm in diameter, and can be used on a wide variety of surfaces including all metals, PVC, concrete and steel.

Problem. What problem?

One customer was experiencing issues after detecting a rupture in the duct that supplies industrial water from the neutralising tanks to the grinding plant.

Welding or replacing were out of the question as this would have meant turning off the flow from the main water supply. Therefore, the company decided that using the UPS ThistleBond Pipe Repair Bandage was the most viable solution. 

Correct surface preparation was carried out, in this case, mechanical grinding. The leak was then plugged using UPS 19060 SG ThistleBond Stick Grade Metal (NSF 61 Approved) then immediately wrapped using the ThistleBond Emergency Repair Bandage.

From start to finish, the application took only 30 minutes, controlling the water flow immediately without water supply to the plant having to be cut off. The water pressure was lowered for only three minutes and the leak was completely stopped, not only saving the customer money, but also offering huge savings in reduced loss of production.

For more information about Unique PolymerSystems' range of products, please contact your local ERIKS Service Centre, where our experts will be on hand to offer the advice that you need.

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