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Is your insulation lagging behind?

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It’s found everywhere from Nike trainers to outer space. It’s used in the nuclear industry and on pharmaceutical manufacturing sites. It’s the only foam in the world recommended by the FM4910 Cleanroom Materials Protocol. And when used for pipe insulation, it’s been described as “pipe lagging with added science.” So imagine what unique Zotek Foam could do for your food and beverage production facilities.


Unique Zotek Foam is the most thermally effective, hygienic and adaptable form of lagging for hot and cold pipes. Used in the Zotefoams T-Fit® insulation system, it provides exceptional thermal insulation, at the same time as improving cost-efficiency, reducing risk, and lowering your Total Cost of Ownership.

Insulation, pure and simple

Zotek Foam is manufactured with a unique process which blows high-pressure nitrogen through a PVDF resin. This produces a finished product which not only provides a high level of thermal insulation, but is also scent-free, non-toxic, and has high microbial resistance – making it ideal for applications in food and beverage processing and production environments.


The small size and close-packing of the foam cell structure means there’s simply less room for microbes to hide. That’s why it doesn’t just meet but actually exceeds the industry standard ASTM G21-15 for resistance to fungi. The foam is also unaffected by high and low temperatures – so a hot wash-down which flushes out and kills bacteria won’t damage the lagging.

Resistant to temperatures as high as 160°C, Zotek Foam can cope with temperatures at the other end of the thermometer as low as -80°C. In an application such as ice cream manufacture, this means both the condensation formed when cold materials pass through insulated pipes, and the heat of a subsequent wash-down, will have equally little effect on the foam.

Lagged for longer

Used in the T-Fit® pipe insulation system, Zotek Foam offers a highly cost-effective replacement for standard lagging, which inevitably degrades over time.

Lagging solutions such as PVC and conventional polymer and elastomeric foams are far less robust, and have a tendency to crumble. This makes them less thermally efficient, as well as creating dust and hygiene problems as they deteriorate.

T-Fit® is a more robust solution, that’s not only resistant to crumbling but also to moisture and chemicals, even in an acidic environment. It’s also naturally fire suppressant, with ultra-low smoke, flame and toxicity.

Manufactured in a natural white colour, it discolours far less quickly than conventional lagging solutions. So as well as retaining its insulating effectiveness for longer, it looks better for longer too.

Once installed, you can expect T-Fit® to have a service life of at least ten years: three to four times longer than conventional lagging.

Less is more insulation

The highly effective insulating properties of Zotek Foam mean you need less insulating material to do the same job as a traditional polymer.

T-Fit® insulation systems have a standard wall thickness of just 6.35mm (1/4”) which allows them to be used in areas where space is at a premium and achieving coverage with other, thicker materials is a problem. The skid size can be reduced at the design and construction stage, and the insulation is also lighter and uses less polymer.


Custom-moulded fittings, heat welding capability, and specially developed overlapping PVDF self-adhering tape all help to make installation quicker and easier and reduce costs. Instead of having to rely on – and pay for – specialist installers, you can buy direct and use your own engineering and maintenance staff to install T-Fit®, after minimal training.

If you’re looking for efficient pipe insulation with a high level of hygiene and a lower Total Cost of Ownership, Zotefoams T-Fit® should fit you to a T.

T-Fit® for purpose

T-FIT® is a range of unique technical insulation products, purpose-designed for demanding, highly-controlled production environments. In addition to pipe insulation, Zotek Foam can be customised for uses such as jacketing large vessels.

Each product in the T-FIT® range has been developed specifically to meet the challenges of a particular production area and exceptionally demanding environment:


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