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Whether you’re after a critical component to get production back up and running, a regular consumables delivery, or expert technical advice, ERIKS deliver. And the figures show that ERIKS deliver on time, no less than 99.6% of the time.


So how do ERIKS deliver the products, solutions and advice you want, where and when you want them? By giving you the best of both worlds: the convenience and proximity of a local independent, backed by the efficiency and resources of a major global business.

All over the place

ERIKS are all over the place in a carefully organised way – from on your doorstep to across the UK and beyond.

Your first point of contact will usually be your local Service Centre. Our nationwide network means your only 30 minutes away on average and each one is able to respond quickly and efficiently to your product requirements. They’re also intelligently stocked and staffed specifically to serve the principal local industry sectors with their most commonly requested items, supported by industry know-how.

Behind every great Service Centre is an ERIKS Regional Hub

This is a larger resource with more capabilities and even more expertise – including a workshop with time-served specialist engineers able to maintain, repair and restore your mechanical and electrical assets.

Your customised assemblies can be built and tested here in less time than most companies take to acknowledge your order. And each Regional Hubs’ Parts Warehouse is tailored to local industries’ needs, supported by know-how that covers everything from simple parts selection advice to full turnkey product specification, installation and commissioning.

There are Engineering Centres to provide you with specialist engineering services. Technology Centres offering you the ultimate technical know-how supported by project management. And Distribution Centres which are focused solely on getting the right parts to you in the least possible time.

For the ultimate in convenience and efficiency, ERIKS also offer solutions that bring product supply know-how not just to your doorstep but right through your door. ERIKS On-Site and Integrated Solutions can take your MRO supply chain problems completely off your hands, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business.

Your order, your way

For common products, the ERIKS Webshop is the first port of call. It contains our core product offer, available for account customers to order 24/7.

You can also get help through online chat during Webshop working hours, and you can check prices and availability in real time, together with detailed product and delivery information, a complete view of all your transactions with ERIKS.

When your order is more complex or unusual, then the ERIKS Easy Order System online ordering tool is here to help you.

It not only supports efficient procurement – with a web catalogue featuring over 200,000 popular maintenance products, and a stock control solution – but it can also help you to simplify your administration process, monitor your MRO spend, and cut your internal procurement costs.

Pricing and stock availability are provided in real time, and you can search by your own part number to save even more time and effort. It’s also a big step towards streamlining your supplier base.

Lastly, as they’re important elements of your procurement processes, ERIKS naturally supports hosted and punch-out catalogues, and EDI transactions.

Life support for products

Over several articles, we’ve looked at the whole ERIKS story. We’ve learned about ERIKS’ unparalleled product range.

 We’ve discovered more about the people with the know-how who support it, maintain it and repair it. And now we’ve revealed ERIKS’ extensive logistics operation, that ensures the products and expertise you want are always in the right place at the right time to meet your requirements.

But it’s important to remember that ERIKS’ supply, service and support isn’t just a one-off. It’s a long-term, sustainable product solution that lasts as long as the product – and then starts all over again with its replacement....

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