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Tie the knot with ERIKS SupplyPartner Programme

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Best-Selling American author, John. C. Maxwell once wrote “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – and at ERIKS Industrial Services we truly believe that by working together, we can achieve great things.


It’s always been a privilege to be considered as a key supply partner to many customers spanning multiple industries for MRO products, services and solutions. Adding value to your business through increased productivity, reduced costs, and compliance is what we do best, but as a company that strives for continuous improvement, we believe that we can offer your even more.

Times have drastically changed since the world was struck with the global COVID-19 pandemic, but our willingness to support our loyal customers has never diminished. We have taken this time to re-evaluate our commercial offers and service commitments, whilst keeping a keen eye on technological development and latest best practice processes.


This different strategy has enabled us to identify new ways to improve our efficiency, with the aim of feeding these changes directly back to you and your business to positively impact both your purchasing and operational budgets, as well as our own operational efficiency.

Making your life easy

Generally, in-direct or MRO supply often represents only a small proportion of your overall annual procurement budget, but in fact, carries a high volume of transactions, utilising a wide range of suppliers, which comes with a variety of associated costs.

Here’s where the ERIKS Partnership Programme will make your life easier, by delivering reductions in your cost of acquisition, improving compliance, and increasing productivity for those who have on-going requirements for maintenance products and services.

Your priorities are central

The ERIKS philosophy is built on understanding our customer’s needs, but the level to which we can both enjoy these benefits truly depends on the degree to which we commit to each other.


Historically, we have worked alongside many of our customers without any formal agreement in place. But today, the ERIKS Partnership Programme changes the dynamics of our working relationship through simplicity, open two-way dialogue, and improved commitment. To put it simply, you outline your priorities, and we work as a team to deliver on your objectives.

It’s all part of the package

Flexibility and simplicity form the foundations to our partnership proposal, which encompasses all the supply chain challenges that you may face, and how we aim to address these. But for simplicity, we have structured our offer in two levels.


We are of course maintaining our standard key account relationship which you currently enjoy, but there are now two tiers above, that introduce increased levels of savings. The new middle tier, called Focus, looks to build a strong partnership, and the top tier, Optimise, enjoys and increased level of guaranteed commitments in addition to excellent savings. All of our partnership agreements benefit in the following areas.


We understand that competitive pricing remains central to every supply agreement, and whilst all ERIKS commercial agreements are based on market pricing, if you upgrade to a Focus or Optimise account, you automatically gain access to further price savings with our partnership range, combined with continuity pricing for our strategic/supply range.


As part of our philosophy, we offer only the best, most tried and tested products, that we have full confidence in their performance. Therefore, we are willing to extend the original manufacturers warranty commitment by 6 or 12 months, dependant on which service level you sign-up to.


Our in-house calculations have revealed that it generally costs you between £12 and £40 to process an invoice. But did you know that digital processing reduces that cost to around £2.50 to £3 per invoice. That’s a pretty big saving considering the number of invoices your business has to process.

To ensure you receive this excellent benefit right from the get-go, our Focus and Optimise customers are automatically enrolled onto the highly efficient ERIKS eBusiness system, providing you with Webshop, EPDF, EDI and punchout capabilities that can be integrated with your in-house purchasing systems.

Payment Terms

For those keen to keep capital within their company to aid cashflow, both Focus and Optimise accounts attach and additional 30-day credit term.

E-Commerce Solution

Managing the indirect supply channel, sourcing, and purchasing of such a wide range of parts and components may represent less than 20% of overall spend, but it takes around 60% of your team’s time and resource to deliver.

With a desire to trade digitally, you gain so much more. By utilising the ERIKS eBusiness Solution, you instantly save time on sourcing and requisitioning, with added clarity and control. All you have to do is hit a button and everything can be automated. It really is that simple.

Price Volatility

Particularly in the current climate, predictability is critical to managing your procurement budgets. So, to support your long-term budgeting, Focus and Optimise accounts operate under the same fixed price structure for the duration of the contract – stipulated at a minimum of 1 year – with pre-agreed inflationary adjustment based on the average change of an agreed basket of goods.

Impartial Engineering and Technical Support

Drawing experience from a wide range of industries, ERIKS specialists will be available to work hand-in-hand with your teams to support with technical and engineering projects to deliver improved reliability and performance. But as you’ll know from your time working with us, this has always been at the core of our ‘let’s make industry work better’ mantra.

Service Commitment

Delivering on our promises is important to us, and although we deliver performance standards that are the envy of the industry, we know that we can do better. For Focus accounts, we will target a 2% improvement in delivery, and for Optimise accounts, we will underwrite that commitment with a penalty of 10% of the cost of goods delivered late. This shows the level of confidence that we have in ourselves, but these advancements can only be achieved by working together.

How much can I save?

Good question! Share a snapshot of your spend history with us, we will evaluate it and identify the forecast level of savings and the efficiency targets available. 

Your Local Account Manager will then help you match the spend review results with your expectations to determine the appropriate service level, and talk you through how those savings will be delivered using our indirect spend 360-degree evaluation.

Once you are comfortable with the structure of the agreement, the rest is simple – complete a partnership form and letter of intent, then we get to work. Sound to good to be true? Why not get in touch today and we can show you first-hand that it’s never been easier to unlock your savings potential! Sign Up Today! Visit

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