Posted at 21 May 2020

Personal Hygiene. The key to reducing the spread of germs

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Throughout the week we have been discussing the important areas surrounding our return to work. For Part 4, we draw down on personal hygiene practices that will help prevent the spread of viruses in the workplace and what products are available to assist you and your employees as you prepare to head back to site safely.


Are your hands clean?

Since the beginning of this pandemic, Government and health officials, including the World Health Organisation, have stressed that regularly washing your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds and coughing into the crook of your elbow are best practice when it comes to personal hygiene. But there are many low-cost measures that can be introduced to aid your employees in achieving maximum cleanliness.

Products such as alcohol-based hand sanitisers, sprays and wipes – all available from stock in the Working Safely brochure - are a great starting point. We advise that you strategically place these products around your workplace, ensuring that they are easily accessible to all staff. Also remember that social distancing guidelines must be adhered to, so ensure no congregations at sanitation points, and small bottles and any packaging must always be handled when wearing gloves.


If you’re looking for sanitation that can be deployed anywhere, check out our range of Sani-Stations - available today. The range of easy-to-access stations – many of which come fully equipped with the products to support – can be placed anywhere, reducing the need to travel, so an accidental spillage on your hands can be cleaned up right away. These units have also been designed for use in confined spaces and encourage regular sanitation. Contact your Local Service Centre for more details. 

But excellent hand care shouldn’t just be for this pandemic, it’s a life-long commitment. By taking continuous care of your skin will reap major benefits and avoid occupational illnesses. If you would like to know more, CLICK HERE to read our blog on devising a skincare regime and protecting your skin no matter the situation.

Is there anything else available?

The simple answer is yes. We also have access to a range of innovative foot handles, which have been specifically designed as an infection control measure, that effortlessly fit onto any latch-less wooden or metal door.

And let’s not forget about the array of signage available to prompt your employees to continue to operate using the correct procedures.


As the situation continues to develop, it may be worth setting clear expectations with your employees. Consider introducing a policy in the employee handbook outlining the necessary minimum level of cleanliness, dependant on your industry sector.

You could also keep your employees informed of the latest updates via email or posters, if you’ve not already been doing so. The World Health Organisation and UK Government websites are great places to find all the detailed information you need.

As we move to the next stage of our return to work, it’s imperative that we listen to the advice we receive and operate in a manner that is not just productive, but safe for our employees. Then and only then, will we come through these challenging times.

If you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Service Centre or our MRO & Safety Equipment business unit for details on 0121 508 6000.

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