Posted at 21 April 2020

Going the extra mile for our customers

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Working in partnership with our customers is part of the ERIKS philosophy, and we believe that successful partnerships hinge on gaining full trust from our customers. Recently, our willingness to going that extra mile for one customer not only showcased our flexibility and strong ethos, but our extensive supply network which quickly solved an urgent issue.


Supply problems

Due to the current climate, the food industry customer was operating at +40% of regular production, which was inevitably leading to unscheduled breakdowns. An integral blower had failed, and the customer made a late request for a new unit, same day if possible. Due to production overload, same day delivery was essential to continue production.

Unfortunately, the regular blower supplier was unwilling to re-open so late in the afternoon, and due to the current lockdown situation, the customer was unable to receive the part until early the following week. Here’s where ERIKS stepped in to resolve this urgent issue.


Specially hand delivered

To push through the repair in the shortest timeframe, the customer sent the blower to a local repairer. The local repairer agreed to fix the unit, but upon inspection discovered that it was two of the bearings that had failed, and they didn’t have stock of the required items to complete the repair.

There had been various situations where couriers were struggling with the demand of excessive deliveries, and parcels were reported to being lost in transit. So, to overcome this problem effectively, ERIKS utilised our strong supply network and contacted a local bearing supplier, knowing that they had stocks of the bearings.


A quotation was received and agreed with the customer, and the order was raised. To ensure that the parts were successfully delivered first thing the next morning, the customers Service Centre contact personally travelled to the local supplier and collected the goods before returning them to the customer to complete the repair of the unit internally. All outside of his regular working hours.

This is a great example of the ERIKS philosophy and ensuring that the customers’ requirements are at the epicentre of everything we do, regardless of the circumstances. An order for a new blower unit was subsequently placed with ERIKS on the back of the initial parts sourcing.

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