Posted at 20 December 2018

Reducing the Risks and Costs of Compressed Air

Compressed air is such a widely-used and simple source of power, it’s easy to forget that it costs money and poses a safety risk. That’s why specialists in pneumatics and experts in efficiency and preventative maintenance – IMI Norgren and ERIKS respectively – have devised a comprehensive advisory checklist to help manufacturers optimise their use of compressed air.

compressed air review


Keeping systems safe

Compressed air is under enormous pressure. If it escapes it can be powerful enough to cause serious injury. A pressure gauge or switch can provide a timely warning of a potentially dangerous leak, so that action can be quickly taken.

Filtration for savings

Poorly filtered compressed air can contain impurities, which ultimately lead to operational inefficiency and even equipment damage. Water within a pneumatic system reduces efficiency, and leads to higher energy use and increased energy bills. So it’s important to install Drip Leg Drains to remove water, and to ensure that all filters are replaced at least every 12 months.

Maintaining perfect pressure

Pressure drops reduce efficiency and cost money, while pressures that are too high can present a safety risk. Tamper-proof regulators, and pressure gauges and switches for pressure monitoring will help to ensure optimum system pressure is maintained at all times.

Inefficiency at a price

Never overlook the fact that inefficient compressed air systems don’t just waste air, that waste money too.

The most obvious cause of inefficiency is leaks, which need to be identified and rectified at the earliest stage. However, inefficiency could also be built-in or ‘programmed in’ to your systems.

Oversized components require more compressed air to operate, which uses more energy and leads to higher running costs. Matching the size of the component to the application with ensure optimum air and energy usage.

While these points provide a broad outline of potential risks, an on-site survey by ERIKS Fluid Power, in conjunction with IMI Norgren, is the most effective way to get the most out of your system. Compressed air will never be as free as air, but a survey may mean it costs you less than you’re currently paying.


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