Posted at 23 September 2018

Famous Last Words?

Paul Skade
By Mark Carpenter
Product Manager, Industrial Hose

I am a former Engineer on Submarines in the Royal Navy and got in to the Hose industry in 2010 becoming the UK Sales Manager for Norres in 2014, ERIKS was my majo...

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But it was substandard rivets that popped out when The Titanic hit the iceberg, allowing water into the watertight compartments. It was an O-ring not designed to cope with low temperatures which failed, when Space Shuttle Challenger launched on an unusually cold morning – leading to an explosion and a $5.5 billion loss. And who knows how many times saving pennies on a hose clip has cost thousands of pounds in downtime, labour costs and lost production when it fails? 

Jubilee Clips


Of course, not every connection demands the highest quality hose clip

That’s why most car manufacturers happily use generic worm drive hose clips for connections under the bonnet of the cars they build. But when it comes to the production line equipment that builds those cars, that must operate reliably 24/7, and will lose manufacturers thousands of pounds in lost production if it fails, then they choose not to take chances. 

Then they choose the original JUBILEE® Clips. 

The 100-year old, 60-year clip

Only one company makes the JUBILEE® Clip worm drive hose clip – still manufactured in the UK – and that’s the company that invented them back in 1921. 

If you’d fitted one of its clips back then, the chances are you’d only have had to change it once since.

That’s because genuine JUBILEE® Clips undergo some of the toughest corrosion resistance testing known. Sprayed non-stop with salt water for hour after hour, it’s 240 hours before a zinc-protected mild steel JUBILEE® Clip shows any signs of significant red rust. And just 200 hours of continual salt spraying is the equivalent of 60 years’ exposure to the environment. 

This exceptional corrosion resistance is a result of manufacturing from only the highest-quality European zinc-protected mild steel. 

For even greater resistance, 100% stainless steel JUBILEE® Clips are available. Salt spray testing results show a minimum of 1,000 hours corrosion resistance for ASI 304 stainless steel clips, and 2,000 hours for clips manufactured from ASI 316 stainless steel.. And all JUBILEE® Clips have rolled edges, making it even harder for corrosion to find a foothold. 

No surprise then that JUBILEE® Clips exceed BSI demands in all areas. 

Quality with teeth

L. Robinson & Co (Gillingham) not only invented the JUBILEE® Clip, but continue to claim theirs is “the finest hose clip in the world.” And they have their reasons. 

  • The JUBILEE® Clip housing is interlocked with the band on the underside. Cheaper versions are welded – creating a weak point and access for corrosion. 
  • Genuine JUBILEE® Clips have more teeth per inch on the screw, for better engagement with the band. 
  • The band is thicker than on copycat clips, for extra strength and solidity.
  • The band is continuously threaded, providing more versatility around the adjustment range. Whilst it’s always recommended to use a clip with the correct adjustment range for the application, if that’s unavailable – because you’re out on an oil rig, for example – then a Jubilee Clip can be tightened beyond its range to the required torque, as a temporary but reliable solution.  An inferior clip, tightened to its limit, would feel tight, when in fact it’s just run out of thread. 
  • The positively riveted housing’s wraparound formation allows free turning torque, compatible with maximum strength, and ensures the screw and band stay rigidly engaged, and remain intact during installation. 
  • The screw’s 7mm hexagonal head and unique crimp formation prevent it disengaging from the band threads and housing. 


A clip is a clip is a clip?

There are hose clips that might save a few pence. And there are JUBILEE® Clips that can save your maintenance budget, save your production, and may even save a life.  There’s also more than one JUBILEE® Clip.

There’s the Original JUBILEE® Clip with its worm drive, of course. But there’s also a whole range of other high-quality clips for specific applications: from the High Torque to the Multiband, the Light Range to the JUBILEE® Juniors, and the Quick Release Straps to the Superclamps. 

What they all have in common is they’re designed to the highest standards, and manufactured to the highest quality. In other words, JUBILEE® Clips are the famous last word in hose clips

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