Posted at 25 February 2020

The most efficient you can choose

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When the ratings get tough, the tough get better. That's the thinking behind the latest evolution of the compact air conditioning and ventilation air filter from MANN+HUMMEL, which - according to the new, tougher, Eurovent ratings - is the most energy efficient you can choose.


It's been over a year since the ISO EN 16890 standard for air filter efficiency was introduced. With this has come a newly updated definition of the energy ratings from Eurovent, according to the ISO efficiency classes. This makes its easier for you to choose the filter that provides the level of air cleanliness you need, with the lowest possible energy consumption.

This has resulted in some existing filters being re-rated as a result. In fact, around one in seven of all air filter products will be downgraded from the previous A class energy rating, although their performance hasn't changed. It simply means you can now identify a filter with even greater energy efficiency, by looking for a higher-rated model.

And for the highest-rated in class, you don't need to look any further than the new MANN+HUMMEL Aircube Eco 4V ePM1 60%.

High filtration...

Choosing the right air filter can sometimes seem like a balancing act between filtration efficiency and energy efficiency. The higher level of filtration, the greater the resistance to air flow, and the harder the ventilation fan has to work. This increases the demand for energy - ultimately increasing CO2 emissions and your carbon footprint.

The problems arise when a balancing act turns into a compromise, and either your filtered air quality or your energy bills suffer as a result. But now the new Aircube Eco 4V ePM1 60% allows you to have the best of both worlds.

This compact Aircube model is designed for the filtration of ambient and recirculated air entering buildings and processes, and comforms to the ISO 16890 filtration standard. This standard has been established to give a rating more relevant to real-life operating conditions, in line with Particulate Matter sizing and the effects of particulates on health. So filters are tested against a range of particulate sizes from 0.3μm through to 10μm and then categorised into one of four grades:

  • Coarse (filtering less than 50% of PM10 particulates)
  • ePM10 (minimum of 50% or more of OM10)
  • ePM2.5 (minimum of 50% or more of PM2.5)
  • ePM1 (minimum of 50% or more of PM1)

As its name suggests, the Aircube Eco 4V ePM1 60% is in the finest filtration ePM1 category - and with no compromise on energy-efficiency.


...low energy use

The updated energy ratings for filters are based on annual energy consumption in kWh. Although the change of rating structure obviously hasn't made filters any less efficient, it has highlighted those which are comparatively more or less efficient than others.

Only 5% of filters are graded A for energy efficiency, and only 1% are graded A+. The MANN+HUMMEL Aircube Eco 4V ePM1 60% is one of that one percent. But what do the different gradings mean in terms of your actual energy consumption and energy bills?

One example is that a B-rated ePM2.5 filter could use the same amount of energy as an A+ rated ePM1 filter - yet provide a lower level of filtration. So, based on ISO EN 16890, it makes it far easier to judge filtration efficiency and energy-efficiency together, and make the best decision to achieve your filtration requirements with the lowest possible energy consumption.

A clean sweep

Clean air is important, but in some operating environments - such as the pharmaceutical and food industries - there are additional considerations when choosing filters, to satisfy more stringent hygiene standards.

The MANN+HUMMEL Aircube Eco compact filter not only offers exceptional filtration, but also satisfies many of the additional requirements.

It conforms to VDI 6022 hygiene standards. It meets FDA requirements for use in food and drug manufacturing environments. Materials used in the filter are free from animal derived ingredients (ADI-free). And they meet the requirements of ISO 846 regarding the growth of micro-organisms.


Last but not least, the Aircube Eco V4 ePM1 60% meets the EN13501 E d0 fire protection standard.

So you can choose to effectively filter the air in your air conidtioning and ventilation systems for your buildings and processes. You can choose to be energy efficient. You can choose to have a clean and hygienic operating environment. And you don't have to compromise between them. Simply choose the MANN+HUMMEL Aircube Eco 4V compact air filter.

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