Posted at 29 August 2019

How Progressive Cavity Pumps Keep Progressing

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It’s 10 years since SEEPEX revolutionised progressive cavity pump efficiency, with the launch of Smart Conveying Technology (SCT), but their drive for optimum pump performance hasn’t stopped there. 


The smart stator, split into two halves and held in place by four retaining segments, can be adjusted as wear occurs, to restore the original interference fit between stator and rotor. This extends maintenance intervals by 200%.

When maintenance is eventually required, SCT pumps can be dismantled, parts changed and re-assembled without removing the suction or discharge pipework. The smart rotor can also be removed without affecting the universal joint: eliminating the need for replacement joint parts.


SEEPEX SCT pumps are not only easier to maintain, but also have less tendency to block. Blockages which do occur can be accessed simply by removing one half of the stator.


Even simpler maintenance

Traditionally, changing a pump’s mechanical seal requires removal of the pipework or suction casing – but not with SEEPEX Smart Seal Housing. The result is far simpler and far quicker maintenance, meaning less downtime and lower maintenance costs.

Combining this latest development with the other SCT design innovations, SEEPEX progressive cavity (PC) pumps now offer up to:

  • 200% extended maintenance intervals
  • 85% reduced maintenance time
  • 200% longer stator life
  • 25% energy saving compared to conventional PC pump design


In addition, the design innovations allow for:

  • Planned predictive maintenance with no unplanned downtime
  • Lighter components, for reduced Health and Safety requirements
  • Improved environmental performance due to elimination of bonding between stator halves and tube

Innovation beyond design

SEEPEX innovation doesn’t stop at the pump design. It also includes peripheral services.

For example, new SEEPEX digital pump monitors reduce operational costs by turning pumps into intelligent field devices. By continuously monitoring themselves and the processes they’re operating in, the devices gather real-time data including flow rate, temperature and pressure.

This paints a comprehensive picture of the application’s operating conditions and the pump’s efficiency, and the record of history and trends enables performance analysis and process optimisation.

Applying apps

Even the most innovative pumps require maintenance sooner or later. However SEEPEX make the process easier and more efficient, with dedicated apps.

Simply scanning the QR code on the SEEPEX pump will allow you to:

  • Download the relevant operating/maintenance manual
  • Order spare parts quickly and conveniently
  • Quickly access all the information you need
  • Comply with your ordering processes (the responsible contact in Purchasing automatically receives the spare parts quote)

These are just some of the latest innovations from SEEPEX that – for a wide range of processes across all industry sectors – help to make their pumps some of the most cost-effective available. That’s progress everyone can appreciate.


Pick you pump carefully

Innovative designs help deliver efficiency gains, reliability improvements and cost savings. But so does correctly matching the pump to the application, as Thames Water discovered.

Piston pump replacement

A piston pump’s pulsating action generates a high discharge pressure and uses more energy than alternatives. By replacing them with SEEPEX PC pumps to move high solids sludge, Thames Water realised significant benefits. In this application PC pumps have:

  • Low pulsation flow
  • Lower energy use (15kW v 31kW)
  • Lower discharge pressure (13 bar v 64 bar)
  • Extended maintenance intervals (2+ years v 6-months)


PC pumps can also handle higher solids content within the existing pipework and still maintain increased reliability.

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