Posted at 24 April 2020

Safety and savings simply delivered with Bürkert

Paul Skade
By Chris Dixon
Head of Sales, Flow Control

I joined ERIKS in 1986 as a Sales trainee at our Grimsby Service Centre and have over 32 years of Distribution and Engineering experience.

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In an ideal world, the easier we can make the tasks we undertake, the better. But although simplicity is something that we aim for, safety and reliability are elements that we have full control over, therefore must remain key drivers in every project.


When a Wales-Based biotech firm was opening its new hygienic production facility, the on-site contractors required a brand with experience, knowledge and unrivalled technical support. Queue, Bürkert. Removing the hassle from the customer and delivering significant cost savings and increasing efficiency and safety.

Large scale project

Field Segment Manager, Hygienic Pharmaceutical, Damien Moran explained: : “Our aim was to deliver the best solution for the customer and our products are designed so that they can fit into local, decentralised or, as in this case, centralised control structures. We were able to keep project costs to a minimum, while ensuring reliability.”

The new production facility consisted of eleven reactor vessels, split across nine production areas. The scale of the project, which included the installation of more than 1400 control valves, meant that equipment would be located both in and outdoors, with some of the production areas classified as ATEX zone 1.

Any valves, sensors or control equipment located in potentially explosive atmospheres had to be manufactured and certified specifically for those areas, but also installed by a suitably qualified engineer.

Specialist requirements

Initially only approached for the supply of diaphragm valves, conversations about the project quickly evolved, and the contractors realised that Bürkert would be able to deliver all the process valves that were required, including butterfly, quarter turn, diaphragm and manual.

3D CAD drawings for every valve were also required, as this had a bearing on the final locations of the new valves. Simply, because they needed to fit into the allocated spaces around the vessels, but also to prove relevant certification.


In addition to the standard process valves, a range of bespoke solutions for tank bottom valves and multi-seat valve blocks were manufactured, utilising specialist manufacturing capabilities to ensure that every part was delivered with the correct control gear and seals.

Improved efficiency. Simple project management

With a total of over 1400 process valves, each accompanied by documentation and drawings, a convenient online resource was set up for the installation engineers, who could simply log on and access all the essential information for the safe installation of the valves.

The logistics of the project were also further simplified, with all components packaged and delivered accordingly for each specific production area. This, in turn, sped up the installation process by ensuring that all necessary valves were in the correct location, at the right time.

Reducing costs, while maintaining standards

All the automated valves used across the project came equipped with pilot solenoid valves in the control head, or quarter-turn valves located in the switch box on the top of the controller. This made many external valve islands and associated ATEX rated pneumatic control panels redundant, saving the project approximately £80,000.

Following the installation, it’s been confirmed that the entire process was made simpler than the company had ever envisaged. The ability to quickly adapt to changes in requirements and change individual valves, coupled with excellent manufacturing capabilities assisted in smooth transitions between Bürkert, the installers and end-user.

The strong partnership between all parties was the real driver in delivering an efficient and cost-effective project, made simpler for the customer, but guaranteeing the necessary elements to ensure the safety of end-user employees.

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