Posted at 14 January 2019

Industry 4.0 - Are You Ready?

Paul Skade
By Mark Carpenter
Product Manager, Industrial Hose

I am a former Engineer on Submarines in the Royal Navy and got in to the Hose industry in 2010 becoming the UK Sales Manager for Norres in 2014, ERIKS was my majo...

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We sat down with SMC Pneumatics UK Ltd Strategic Product Sales Manager, Pete Humphreys, to discuss the impacts of Industry 4.0.

industry 4.0


Industry 4.0 promises – or threatens – to revolutionise the way we all do business. But is it really the Fright Night scenario many organisations seem to believe? Or is it an exciting opportunity to provide the ultimate added-value service to our customers, wherever they are in the supply chain?

Not new, just different

Industry 4.0 is not new technology. It’s simply a new business philosophy bringing together all the different processes in the manufacturing and supply chain, wherever they’re located, in a way that wasn’t possible before wireless technology. What makes the philosophy attractive is that many aspects are straightforward.

Integration and communication

SMC’s end-user customers are already asking about Industry 4.0 and how it can be used to better serve their accounts. They’re very aware that the added value it can provide is not limited to larger multi-nationals. This means businesses like ours have to be ready to show that our production systems can integrate and communicate with customers’ systems.

Three into 4.0

Serving customers at all points in the supply chain – from OEMs and distributors to end users – we’re perfectly placed for a holistic view of the opportunities Industry 4.0 brings. In particular, opportunities thrown up by its intelligent self-diagnostic systems.

It’s believed that there are three key market drivers industrial manufacturers need to consider:

1.       Identify the main benefits to your business

2.       Decide which of the Industry 4.0 basic technologies are the most appropriate for your business

3.       Manage your customers’ expectations of what Industry 4.0 can deliver

Analysis of these three key drivers against your own business needs will enable you to create a strategic plan that smoothly and successfully moves your business into the Industry 4.0 era.


Read the Complete Article: Know+How Magazine Issue 36 Industrial Digitalisation

There is no denying the prospect of industrial digitalisation is both exciting and daunting in equal measure and no doubt each of you will be at different stages on the road to digital transformation. 

In our latest edition we want to help demystify this familiar buzzword into tangible day-to-day processes. We'll be providing you with an update on the latest news and technology available, taking an in-depth look at Industry 4.0 and all that comes with it, outlining some ways in which the industry can work together.

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